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Some projects from our success story

Peters Werft stands for many skills for many tasks. More than 680 new builds in the history of Peters Werft speak for themselves. In our portfolio you´ll find Container vessels, Multi-purpose vessels, Passenger ships and Mega-yachts.

Internationally, we have made our marks with our top-quality, perfected and innovative new building. We are also well known for our complex conversions which have always exercised our creative talents and will continue to do so in the future.

MY "White Rose" - NB 675

MY White Rose
The “White Rose of Drachs“measures 64 metre in length and 12 metre in width. The elegant yacht with the new building no. 675 was delivered to her owner in 2004.

MS "Euro Sound" - NB 684

MS Euro Discovery
The „Euro Sound“ is constructed in the same way as its sister ship, the “Euro Solid“. The 800 TEU container ship was built for G.H.S. Global Hanseatic Shipping. With its 125,85 metre it has a tonnage of approx. 8.800 tdw bei 7100 BRZ.

MS "Josef Möbius"

Josef Möbius
Conversion to increase of the loading capacity.

MY "Solea"

Extensive conversion from a pilot boat to a private motor yacht.

MY "Al Mirqab" - NB 681

MY Al Mirqab
With its 133 metre length, 20 metre width and 25 metre height, the „Al Mirqab“, belongs to one of the largest mega yachts of the world. She had been delivered to the owner in 2008 after a construction time of 4 years at Peters Werft.

MS "Euro Discovery" - NB 677

MS Euro Discovery
The “Euro Discovery“ is the first of two 900 TEU container ships that Peters Werft built for the G.H.S. Global Hanseatic Shipping. With its 137.80 metre it is the longest ship that has ever been built at the Wewelsfleth Shipyard.

MY "Lone Ranger"

Lone Ranger
Extensive refit and repair works.

R/V "Falkor"

Extensive refit and repair works.

MS "Euro Solid" - NB 683

MS Euro Discovery
The “Euro Solid“ is the first of two 800 TEU container ships that Peters Werft built for the G.H.S. Global Hanseatic Shipping. Equipped with the highest ice class, the “Euro Solid“ is prepared for extreme ice conditions.

MS "Meera" - NB 678

MS Euro Discovery
MV „Meera“ is a sister ship of MV "EURO DISCOVERY", a 900 TEU container ship. Certified with the highest ice class E4. It has a capacity for 907 TEU and connectors for 200 refrigerated containers.

Elbferry "Wilhelm Kroos"

Wilhelm Moebius
Elbferry "Wilhelm Kroos". Extensive Newbuild of the deck house.

MY "Le Grand Bleu"

Le Grand Bleu
Extensive refit in 2010, maintenance works for the 10 years class survey.


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