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Trust and quality go without saying

We set a high value on creating a trusting and open environment with our clients. With us, ship-owners, captains and superintendents have direct personal access to all the areas that we are working on for them.

We have made it our aim to fulfil all our client's wishes with innovative and individual solutions, even solving nonstandard requests with our motto “won’t work, does’t exist”. We have a good set-up for this with our competent, versatile and flexible employees. This is demonstrated above all, by all the clients who willingly and consistently return to Peters Werft.

Peters Werft has a healthy financial basis and cooperates with a team of reliable suppliers that work well together thus putting us in a perfect position to remain competitive and to deliver high quality work on time. It goes without saying that we have been certified according to the quality standard ISO 9001 and the environmental standard ISO 14001.